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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my wedding held?

Do I need a Florida marriage license?

Can we bring our own decor?

The exact location of your wedding is listed on your reservation form. 
Yes, if you want to get married in Florida you'll need a Florida marriage license issued by the Clerk of Court.
If married prior, you'll need your date of dissolution and possibly your divorce decree. It is best to call the courthouse to ask about specifics of your situation.

We bring anything needed to the beach.
Couples and/or their family can not bring any outside items.
Our liability insurance only covers the items we deliver. No exceptions.             This includes but is not limited to arches,containers, chairs, flower petals, pictures, signs, glass, rice, birdseed, bubbles etc.

Do we get chairs with a 
Simple Beach Wedding?

What happens if we are late?
What if our guests are late?

What happens if we forget the license?

Chairs come with our deluxe packages.
These packages start at $1299.
Chairs can not be added to any package that is less than $1299.
​It is imperitive that you are on site and ready 15 minutes prior to start time.
If your guests are not on time, and you delay the start of the wedding you will incur late fees. If you, and/or  your guests delay the start of the wedding by 30 minutes the event will be re-scheduled by SBW. No exceptions!
If you forget the license, you will have a "paperless ceremony" aka not legally married. We can not delay the start of the event due to forgotten or overlooked paperwork.
Be prepared, make a list and keep it handy! If we have to make a separate trip to sign a forgotten marriage license there will be a service/ travel fee. Call office for quote based on location/ timing needed.
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